Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Days Behind

Well I knew it would happen but not this soon. I am two days behind on my December Daily posts. Oh well.

We lost last Friday. It is always hard to lose in the playoffs. But when you get so close to the State Championship, it is even harder. I am so proud of our team (players and coaches). Kaufman has gone the furthest it has ever gone in the playoffs. We definitely have something to be proud of. Now I just hope Liberty Hill beats the pants off of Celina! =)

The fun football part of our weekend was finding out that Ole Miss and Texas Tech are going to the Cotton Bowl. Gerald Harris is someone Wendell has taught and coached since 7th. He has come so far and now his junior year he has had the opportunity to play for Ole Miss. Wendell has also taught a girl named Audrey that plays in the Red Raider band.

So because of this - we are going to the Cotton Bowl! I am so excited. We got to go to the Cotton Bowl 2 years ago when Auburn beat Nebraska. I am also glad we are going since it will be the last time the Cotton Bowl will be played at the Cotton Bowl Stadium. The 2010 game will be played at Jerry World (aka as the new Cowboys stadium).

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Aimee said...

I love your pretty Christmas blog!! :)