Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I like to journal but I don't do it enough. Especially now that I have Brayson. Last week I received a little challenge from Becky Tirabassi who is a Christian author that I receive email newsletters from. She is the author of Change Your Life Daily and Let Prayer Change Your Life.

Well she sent out a little challenge for journaling and I meant to do it this week but yesterday got away from me. But here is the challenge:

DAY 1. Grateful/thankful Journal. On one page, list everything that comes to mind.
DAY 2. Dream Journal. What is a dream in your heart that won't go away?
DAY 3. Action Journal. What big or small "to-do's" come to mind. Make a list.
DAY 4. Brainstorm Journal about an unresolved problem. No idea is a bad idea. List every idea on one sheet.
DAY 5. Prayer Journal. Talk to God about someone who needs His help.

So I am going to start this next week on Monday. Do you want to join me?

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Tonya said...

Great ideas!! I may steal some. I'm usually a huge "journal-er" but have found myself in a rut w/it. These could be a good shot in the arm. :) LOVE the new blog format/layout/colors, etc! So fun and happy!