Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has been a long time...

It has been a long time since I have really posted on my blog. A lot has happened in the past year. A year ago at this time I got pregnant and did not even know it until March. Brayson was born on Oct. 1st. He was 2 weeks early. Which I am glad because it gave me a full 3 months maternity leave with him.

I went through a lot of struggles about what God was doing in my life during and after my pregnancy last year. I was supposed to start Dallas Theological Seminary in May. I swore this was what the Lord was leading me to do. Then I found out I was pregnant and that changed everything.

God has done such a big work in me since then. I am so glad Brayson is here. I love him so much. He is at this very cute stage where he is talking, smiling, and laughing. It brings such joy to my heart when he smiles at me. I think I have the cutest boy ever! Of course, I am not biased. ;)

So which brings me to my word for the year. Last year it was follow - little did I know how God would use that! This year I feel the Lord is leading me to ENJOY! Last year was a hard year for me and I did not enjoy a lot of it. It was hard and frustrating. But I feel it is time to put that behind me and choose joy and enjoy the life that the Lord has given me.

So how is that working right now - I want to enjoy my first year with Brayson. Enjoy our first year as a family. He is only this age once and I don't want to wish my time away. Who knows if I will ever have another little one so this may be my only chance. I don't want to look back and regret not enjoying these moments as a new family.

I want to enjoy my relationship with the Lord.

I want to enjoy who God has made me to be.

I want to enjoy this phase of my life.

So we will see what God does this year!


Tonya said...

LOVE it, Leigh! As you know, that' my focus for this year, too. :) So, let's see just how much joy we can wring out of 2010! It'll be fun to look back and see how this year was different b/c of it.

The Macchio Family said...

I love this... so true. Enjoy... it goes by so fast. I love this post and knowing what was going on this past year... ~ kim