Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Pics

I love this picture. The statue is Christopher Columbus. I think it is cool how he is looking out onto the bay and the American Flag is there in the background.

Alamo Square:


Joanne said...

You guys seemed to see quite a bit on your trip here. Were the grapes from a Napa vinyard? I grew up only about 30 minutes accross the San Francisco Bay. When we were in high school that is where all the cool kids would hang out on weekends. I never did. My mom and dad would have killed me!

I am sure you saw some very interesting people while you were there too...

blessings, Joanne :O)

Leigh Ishee said...

We did see a lot in San Fran. We went all over and learned the transit system very well.

The grapes were pics from the Madonna Vineyard in Napa.

It was a great time.